How a Dallas Misdemeanor Attorney Can Help with a Misdemeanor Charge

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What Does a Dallas Misdemeanor Attorney Do?

If you are facing misdemeanor charges in Dallas, it is critical to work with Dallas criminal defense attorneys. A qualified Dallas criminal defense attorney will usually have a lot of experience working in the Dallas criminal justice system.


At the Law Office of James T. Chiles, our experienced criminal defense lawyer has been working on criminal matters and misdemeanor offense cases in Dallas for years.

Why You May Need a Dallas Misdemeanor Attorney

Whether you have been charged with a felony crime or misdemeanor offense in Dallas county, convictions may result in harsh penalties such as harsh fines or lengthy prison or jail sentences.

If you have a criminal charge and end up with felony convictions, you typically have to live with a permanent criminal record that could ruin your professional reputation and personal life.

By working with the Law Office of James T. Chiles, you will get access to a qualified criminal defense attorney who will provide free consultation on all manner of misdemeanor offenses and criminal cases.

Once you have established an attorney-client relationship, our experienced Dallas criminal defense attorney can provide legal advice and help you decide which path forward to take.

When Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you have been charged with a crime, it is typically in your best interests to hire a Texas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A Dallas criminal defense lawyer can be of great help right from the time of your arrest until your case is heard and determined in court.

While it may not be practical to call your Dallas criminal defense lawyers as soon as you are arrested, time is of the essence in most criminal matters. Try to do so as soon as you can.

As a defense lawyer in Dallas, Texas, I have experience handling both bench and jury trials. I have helped many clients charged with serious criminal legal issues in the Dallas Fort Worth area and surrounding counties with their cases

Shortly after you contact my law firm in Dallas County and we being working together, I can start to investigate the Prosecution’s case, and collect and analyze the evidence to come up with a defense strategy.

What Is a Misdemeanor in Dallas?

A misdemeanor is a less serious crime than a felony. Misdemeanors are often punishable by a fine or by imprisonment for one year or less. A person who commits a misdemeanor may be referred to as an offender, defendant, or accused.

What Are Common Misdemeanors in Texas?


In Dallas, Texas, misdemeanor charges tend to be more common, even if they do attract less severe penalties when compared to felony charges.

Still, you cannot treat misdemeanor charges lightly as they need the same level of skilled legal attention and skills just like the more severe charges. A misdemeanor conviction could result in severe consequences and seriously impact your future freedom and work endeavors.

Some misdemeanors include:

  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Theft of less than $100
  • Assault by Contact
  • Bail Jumping
  • Public Intoxication

There are many other misdemeanor offenses according to Texas law as well. If you have questions about a charge or accusation against you, reach out today for a free consultation.

What Are Common Misdemeanor Penalties?

Even though the average punishment and fine for a misdemeanor offense are comparatively low, they are still nothing to take lightly. Additionally, judges can sometimes enhance the charges, making them felonies, which upon conviction could result in harsher punishments.

This can be especially true if your prior convictions are brought to the attention of the court.

Most misdemeanor offenses in Dallas, Texas are punishable by up to one year in county jail. However, in the case of an aggravated offense, these can be upgraded to a state jail felony.

While in general misdemeanors do not carry harsh consequences as compared to criminal charges, both can have negative consequences on your criminal record.

As such, it can be helpful to contact an experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyer or law firm immediately after you are arrested by a police officer in Dallas County.

Class A Misdemeanors

A Class A misdemeanor offense is usually:

  1. Punishable by up to a year in county jail or
  2. A fine of no more than $4,000

If you are convicted for a Class A misdemeanor and happen to get arrested for a different offense later, the District Attorney can use the first conviction to get you a harsher punishment.


Class B Misdemeanors

A Class B misdemeanor offense is usually:

  1. Punishable by up to 180 days in prison or
  2. No more than $2,000 in fines

One of the most common misdemeanors of the Class B misdemeanor in Dallas County is possession of a certain quality of drugs. In addition to other penalties, you may be given a license suspension if you are convicted or plead guilty to a drug charge in Dallas county.


Class C Misdemeanors

A Class C misdemeanor is usually:

Punishable by a fine not exceeding $500

Just because you have been charged with a crime does not mean you will be found guilty. The state prosecutor needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty of the offenses you have been charged with.

If you work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, they may be able to use their skills to show that reasonable doubt was not proven, which could get the charges thrown out or reduced.

How Much Does a Dallas Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Cost?

If you are facing misdemeanor or criminal charges in Dallas, Texas, consider hiring a defense attorney as soon as possible.

The costs of hiring criminal defense attorneys will vary depending on the reputation and experience of the law firm and attorney, the complexity of the case, and in some instances, the location.

Some lawyers will charge a flat fee, while others prefer to charge by the hour.

At the Law Office of James T. Chiles, I have worked with many clients facing criminal charges in Dallas, Texas. Cases I have handled include drug possession, DUI/DWI, sex crimes, sexual assault, violent crimes, theft, and gun/weapon charges, among others.